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In my single days, I had a girlfriend in experimental psychology and suggested for one of her classes to do research on the effects of music (without words) and it turns out that just the music can affect you without even having words and can cause a person to be depressed, happy, etc.

I already knew this as a child, but I don’t think there was ever research on this. In the end, it was so impressive they wrote a book about it.

If you know the names of the Major Scale you will know that each have their own character or you could say, spirit and each have a function as shown below:

I = Tonic (Root) – It is the Base for all other tones and most predominant of all tones. So this means it usually starts a song and finished at this same note.

II = SuperTonic – Super is latin for “above”

III = Mediant – The third note is called the mediant it is in the middle of the tonic and the dominant. Therefore it is the middle of the road and brings balance and allows a hold or to linger, yet one cannot stay there, they must move on in the music.

IV = Subdominant – This has strength, but is not yet dominant but will take on some strength.

[The fourth note is called sub-dominant (meaning lower dominant).
This scale degree is serving as a suspension often.
What I mean by that is that its melodic and harmonice duty is to suspence the tension of the melody harmony just before it reaches the unavoidable dominant that will take us to the tonic.]

V = Dominant – This degree in Scale is just like it says, it is dominant and tend to lead you back to the Tonic.

VI = Supermediant – The sixth note is called submediant since it is in the middle of the upper tonic and the sub dominant. You can be directed either way here and is the balance for the upper quadrant of the scale.

VII = Leading Tone – This means you do not stay there, but lead into going up to the octave or downward to Submediant.

VIII = Octave – is basically a lot like the Tonic and one can actually finished her, but still the strength is in the Tonic.


So you can see that each Degree of the scale has its own personality and seeks to do it’s job.


That is why when people who really don’t have a clue of what they are doing in music such as many of the rappers/hip-hoppers that it brings on violence, confusion, etc. and sounds like some little child messing around on the keys of a piano.
One can have music and sounds that can create depression to joy by itself, so one can have words that are positive, but if the music rhythm is negative it can cause confusion and that is what satan wants.

Charles of “Higher Call” (c) 2013piano


About Charles of "Higher Call"

Where the name, Charles of "Higher Call" comes from is from the Ministry founded by him that focuses on the Arts for Faith-Based people and has been effective since, 1996. Charles has 3 degrees in Photography and 2 degrees from Seminary and is an Ordained Minister. Charles is a Songwriter/Arranger, Musician and Singer with a progression towards involvement in Acting and Music Narration. Charles has been involved in the Music Field for over 30 years.
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