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In my single days, I had a girlfriend in experimental psychology and suggested for one of her classes to do research on the effects of music (without words) and it turns out that just the music can affect you without even having words and can cause a person to be depressed, happy, etc.

I already knew this as a child, but I don’t think there was ever research on this. In the end, it was so impressive they wrote a book about it.

If you know the names of the Major Scale you will know that each have their own character or you could say, spirit and each have a function as shown below:

I = Tonic (Root) – It is the Base for all other tones and most predominant of all tones. So this means it usually starts a song and finished at this same note.

II = SuperTonic – Super is latin for “above”

III = Mediant – The third note is called the mediant it is in the middle of the tonic and the dominant. Therefore it is the middle of the road and brings balance and allows a hold or to linger, yet one cannot stay there, they must move on in the music.

IV = Subdominant – This has strength, but is not yet dominant but will take on some strength.

[The fourth note is called sub-dominant (meaning lower dominant).
This scale degree is serving as a suspension often.
What I mean by that is that its melodic and harmonice duty is to suspence the tension of the melody harmony just before it reaches the unavoidable dominant that will take us to the tonic.]

V = Dominant – This degree in Scale is just like it says, it is dominant and tend to lead you back to the Tonic.

VI = Supermediant – The sixth note is called submediant since it is in the middle of the upper tonic and the sub dominant. You can be directed either way here and is the balance for the upper quadrant of the scale.

VII = Leading Tone – This means you do not stay there, but lead into going up to the octave or downward to Submediant.

VIII = Octave – is basically a lot like the Tonic and one can actually finished her, but still the strength is in the Tonic.


So you can see that each Degree of the scale has its own personality and seeks to do it’s job.


That is why when people who really don’t have a clue of what they are doing in music such as many of the rappers/hip-hoppers that it brings on violence, confusion, etc. and sounds like some little child messing around on the keys of a piano.
One can have music and sounds that can create depression to joy by itself, so one can have words that are positive, but if the music rhythm is negative it can cause confusion and that is what satan wants.

Charles of “Higher Call” (c) 2013piano

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NOT EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO READ MUSIC, Yet we all need some way to remember what we did the last time we played or if we have created some really cool music.
Some of what I am going to show you here is considered STANDARD for music charts that I learned in playing Jazz. The rest are things I came up with along the way.
Let me give you some ways to help you and other musicians you are with.
These would be better in color, but I will do this the best I can for you.
[: and :] = Repeats
[: and :] 2x’s = Repeats 2 times
I always placed Choruses (Ch.) and Verses (V.) in Pink
[: and :] I placed in Blue
The “2x’s” I placed in Blue and in Italics
[————————] = 8 bars of rest
” / ” = One quarter note beat (Example: CM / D7 / – So the Chord is one Beat and the “/” is another beat in a bar with 4 beats to a measure, or called 4/4)
” CM7 / / / ” = 4 beats in total in a measure
• M = Major (CM = C Major)
• m = minor (Cm = C minor)
• dim (or “d”) = diminish (Example: Cdim or Cd)
• CM7 = C Major 7th
• C7 = C minor 7th
• Caug = C augmented
CM7 Dm A7
” … ” = Pause (Example: Rejoice, … in the Lord)
. G A7 Dm G
” ___ ” = Holding the note OUT (Example: Rejoice,____ Rejoice____ )
“Re – joice = Hold/Extend the “RE” of Re – joice
I always placed Extra reminders in another color and sometimes in Italics to separate from the rest of the music *
Intros I placed in Blue and Italics
Solos I always placed in Blue
” * ” I would use to show were to go back to a certain spot sort of like a “Coda, since a Computer will not duplicate this” (Coda, is a sign that means go back to a place in the music and continue there until…
Sometimes I would have to insert a box so that a Reminder would stay where there was not a line.
I hope these will help you. I will place a song in here with a lot of these signs so that you can see them being used and will remember how they work. Be setting a standard no one will wonder and if they do it is due to other issues and not what you have done.
Keep in mind that some will have to get used to reading these signs. If they have issues with them you can tell them that what you have placed here is somewhat the standard for Jazz Charts all around the world; of course some I had to improvise on due to limitations of the keyboard on the computer.
I always make a hard-copy in case the music I write gets corrupted, damaged, lost, deleted or the old hard drive dies.
In Punching Holes in Charts I punch both sides of the pages, so I can arrange things in any kind of order. (Be Sure To Tape down your adjustable 3-ring hole punch, BUT I always punch the pages from the same side out and just flip, so that everything is even.)
When preparing to use TWO-PAGE Sheets so I always turn Pages face to face, so I don’t have to turn pages.
I, ALSO, write the name of the song on the back of the First Page, so when I am flipping through the songs I can find it easily.
I Place My Music alphabetically and use dividers that are, “A, B, C” so that I can find my music quickly.
I HAVE TWO BINDERS, one is for Storage of my Charts (the one with the Alphabet) and the other is smaller for use when I am playing somewhere.
I use notebooks that have the clear insert on the outsides, so I can place what it is that is in the notebook and for the smaller notebook, for what event the music is set up for.
I hope this helps you. The main thing in all of this is to keep a standard and keep it simple. It is good to use what I have placed up here for it is tried and true and works for most people. Some of this is considered standard, but much of what is here is what I have come up with through the many years of being s songwriter/musician/worship leader.
Blessings Upon You,
Charles of “Higher Call”
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We all receive so many negative words in our day to day living. I just want to restore some dignity to the people who are in your group and to encourage them to Forgive, Forget and Move on for they are Children of the Most High God. Thank You for being so kind to me. I just know that Artists get hit with a lot of this and in the graphics there is so much rejection. I am hoping this will uplift you all.


I want to clear up some things about what people say to others. It seems that much goes into listening to others more than God. This letter below is something I sent out to a friend who has been destroyed by words from others instead of the “Words” by God.

Please take time to read it all and apply it to yourself so that you can get the best out of what I am saying. Just look at me as your most honest, closest Friend who loves you the most who really knows your heart, okay? Here it goes:

Dear Friend,

I have not heard from you in a long time, now. How are you doing? I’ve not heard from the guy you sent my way about his music as well. I hope you are both doing well.


We are busy in music and all related and now have our own Group. We will be doing Leading P&W music for the Life Center’s Single’s Retreat up near Crystal Mountain and Hosanna Family Christian Center’s Conference in, April (Both 3 day events).

We still lead P&W for Life Center’s Singles the 2nd Saturday of each month and Victory Christian Mins. the 1st Tuesday of each month. We lead P&W for Life Center’s North Campus from time to time as well.


The family you Married Into (Sometimes there reasons unrelated to you that they are this way)…

Do you get to see your daughter, now, without pressure or influence? I know that your “x” can be very set in their ways. I pray for them for they learned a lot of bad habits from their parents about not being forgiving and do not know how to let go of the past and move on. It seems the whole family is stuck. Do you ever hear from any of them? Are there parents still alive?

I truly think that when they finally die the rest of this family will be able to finally heal and let go and really make amends with each other and with other people, for they were/are under a heavy load of family history (Iniquities). I would like to see them all healed and move on and I pray for this from time to time.

You Are In Good Standing, Friend (Take a Stand and Do NOT Run)…

I pray for you to let go as well of what was said, my Friend. Don’t let what others say get in the way of living your life. Do NOT Run, but take a stand right in people’s faces, for anyone who runs will be assumed that they are what others have said.

Friend, Believe me when I say this, “People know others by their fruit; therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Their words have no true message, but are of anger, guilt and shame and most who get trapped in listening to them just don’t say what they really think to them just to keep the peace.

I say all this to set you FREE, my Precious Friend. I know you still feel you have to hide, defend and/or go clear out to another church, etc., but the truth of it is, you don’t have to do this! I don’t know of anyone who has ever said a bad thing about you. I cannot say the same for those who bad mouth you; therefore, you need to let it go and move on and be yourself and not fear.

I know you feel your reputation is tainted, but it is not, my Honorable Friend, it is not. Jesus came into this world, Scripture states, with little reputation and was talked about, slandered, abused and then killed and all the time… he was innocent. So, we should not think we have it any easier when we are born into sin. (Selah)


When we FEAR about “our” Reputation “we” are acting on “our own” PRIDE (Selah) and not relying on God’s Reputation to protect us and cover our walk and mistakes along the way. Yes, it is pride that is holding you there, believe it or not, for if you were not so concerned with “yourself” you could move on… (Selah).


Jesus said, “Never will I Leave or Forsake you and that no one can take from His hand what is His.” It, also, states in Proverbs that the wicked and the Foolish will run when no ne is even chasing them (Selah). So Stop Running!!! You Are In Good Standings With God, your friends, family and with those around you. Brother, it is time that you heal, stand up and then move on with dignity, for you are a man of honor and no one can take away what God has RESTORED! Yes!!!

The Trapping of a Fool…

For The Fool Who Insists on carrying on. In Proverbs it says this, “Do not indulge conversations with a fool, but answer back in silly replies.” This means don’t try to convince them of anything or waste your time with them, for it will only give them a sense of importance if you take what they say seriously (Selah).

By not responding or reacting as if what they say is senseless they will lose all power to their point and have no strength or importance and will go down to the place they really live.

Look at these people as “Gold Diggers,” trying to pull themselves out of the pit. They seek to find strength/importance (Not working to gain, but using their words to shame) in their words and gain importance (their gold is “attention”).

If they are ignored they just sit until the next victim comes along hoping they are stupid enough to think what these “Gold Diggers” have to say means something (lol).


My friend, I hope this helps you move on and be who God has for you to be so you will seek the “Higher Call” in your life He has for you. You have not lost anything as long as you are following the, Lord and seeking his favor in your life. Let the jackals howl, for that is all they can do (make noise), my friend and after awhile everyone gets tired of hearing the dog barking and will just finally say, “Shut Up!!!” (lol)


Charles of “Higher Call”

Our Mottow: Promoting & Encouraging Christ & Christians In The Arts.
Scriptures we go by (look them up): Phip. 3:14 / Isaiah 65:24 /
Jude 21-2 / II Thes. 1:11 /I Thes.
5:16-24 /Acts 2:39

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DEMO of My Photography

DEMO of My Photography

I had a Commercial Photography Studio for many years and this is just a sample of Images.

Photography By, Charles R. Batchelor ©

All Rights Reserved, A “Higher Call” To Artists

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ONLY THE INSECURE think themselves better than others. A True Professional is not concerned with such things.

Therefore, do not listen to those who are unkind and really don’t see anything past their own nose.

I have posted this for I know in the Arts there is much competition and pressure. I am a non-conformist of sorts, but maybe by my saying that I have conformed to it? (lol)

The thing is people should not get so serious about themselves or they lose sight of what is real and become a legends in their own minds. (lol)

If someone comes across as if they know more than you and are making you feel inferior know that it is them who are the ones struggling with who they are and this applies a lot in the Arts.

Someone will say they have more of this or that or have done this or that, but when you go to their site you look and don’t see much of anything that you wouldn’t do. In fact at times what you see is not as good as what you might do.

Therefore, do not let what others say dictate who you are nor your value, for you are gifted and talented in your own right.

The ones who are kind have lived some life, most likely and just want to interact and encourage. (lol)

I would say, if enough of those who are negative are avoided of responses maybe they will go away or get the hint and change their ways. (lol)

Something told me to say this.


Charles R. Batchelor of “Higher Call”

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When You Put A …

When You Put A Bad Taste In Someone’s Mouth, you get to smell their bad breath.

Charles R. Batchelor of “Higher Call” © 2913

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Charles of “Higher Call”

Founder of, A “Higher Call” To Artists – Since 1996

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